Desportiva Sociedade NY — Football Emblem

carrying the torch
Desportiva Sociedade NY
Oct 2020
Desportiva Sociedade cover image

The Project.

Desportiva Sociedade NY, a football/soccer club, needed a new emblem to refresh their brand; the club is meant to represent itself as a society, especially to the sport. The club came to us looking to give a more traditional identity to their brand.

The Goal.

The clubs original emblem was round and felt too similar to other clubs in the area, the inspiration for their new look was to feel more akin to traditional European clubs. Beyond these loose requests, full creative freedom was given to us, as they wanted something unique. The clubs colours are burgundy, green, yellow gold and blue and the emblem was to retain the torch from the original (shown below).

The Result.

Desportiva Sociedade NY before and after
Desportiva Sociedade NY final

The Details.

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